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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

Tonga's Humpback Whales

A collection of favourite video for your enjoyment. 

The humpback whales birth and mate during the southern hemisphere winter where the warm waters of the Kingdom Of Tonga create a unique enviroment for these gorgeous creatures.

Video By Wet Lens Productions Featuring Whales In Ha'apai Nov 2010 (9min 18s)

In the words of Wet Lens Production: 

The Kingdom of Tonga (the only Monarchy still in existence in the Pacific) happens to be one of the vacation spots for migrating Humpback Whales. Calving, heat runs, logging and playing are all on their list of things to do, although in varying degrees of importance depending on the whale! Our goal was to see them doing all of the above, and we were not disappointed. We were able to see peduncal, pectoral and tail slaps, breaching and logging, but the highlight was definitely swimming with mothers and calves. True grace underwater is defined by their movements. How a 40 ton animal can dance under the sea will always be a mystery, but I was moved every time I entered the water.

Swim With Whales October 2010 (7min 23s)

DiveBondi Video Swim With Whales Vava'u Tonga 2009 (7m 55s)


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