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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

Frequently Asked Questions About Travelling With Us

Q: Does my infant get charged a fare?
Q: What currency are fares quoted in?
Q: Can I take oversized items such as Surfboards, Bikes or Guitars with me?
Q: What are Chathams Pacific's baggage allowances ?
Q: What fare classes does Chathams have and how to they work?
Q: Are Your Aircraft Pressurised?
Q: I have excess baggage, can I take it with me?
Q: Why do infants need to be booked even through they travel for free?
Q: I am travelling with two infants. Can they both travel for free?
Q: How old does my child have to be to travel as a child?
Q: Can I make changes to my booking?
Q: I have an international connection - can I fly the same day with you?
Q: Group Bookings - Who Qualifies?
Q: Group Bookings - Can each person pay separately?
Q: Why are there empty seats on the plane when they said it was full?
Q: Can I send my child by him/herself (without an adult)

Kingdom Airpass help you see more of Tonga.  Hibicus are in abundance
With every island group offering unique experiences Chathams Pacific's Kingdom Passes will help you see more of Tonga for less.


Hideaway Resort Lookout, 'Eua, Kingdom Of Tonga
Brilliant day trip!  Return airfares and tour. On Sale Now - Read More


Chathams Pacific Queen Air
Viewing the Kingdom of Tonga from the air is truly a WOW! experience.

Read more


'Ene'io Botanic Gardens, Vava'u

Vava'u is home to 'Ene'io Botanic Gardens with a beach front cafe, garden tours, demonstrations and much, much more.  Highly recommended!

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