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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

Chathams Pacific Corporate Information

Our Vision

Chathams Pacific, Tonga's Domestic Airline has a proud parent heritage embracing an entrepreneurial spirit along with a pioneering attitude.  

We understand the importance of providing reliable, professional and safe airways and, with our team of highly experienced people, we take this attitude to the skies.

Mission Statement

At Chathams Pacific, our mission is to operate a safe and efficient air service that will encourage growth in air travel within Tonga and benefit the community by providing a stable service for the private, business and tourist travellers within the Kingdom.

Passionate about aviation

Chathams Pacific is a small airline with a very clear focus. We're about making travel easy, enjoyable and providing an experience that people will want to repeat.

Chathams Pacific is a subsidiary of Air Chathams Ltd which operates within New Zealand to and from the Chathams Islands. This operation has a 25 year heritage with staff and management who are deservedly proud of the difference that Air Chatham’s services have been able to make to the residents and businesses of the Chathams Islands.

Chathams Pacific is managed and run by people with extensive knowledge of air travel and proven success in running airline businesses. Chathams Pacific has been set up with a long-term view of providing scheduled, charter and freight services within the Kingdom of Tonga.

You can read a little more about our team and enjoy some of our team photographs.

Our Operation

Chathams Pacific commenced operations in the Kingdom Of Tonga in April 2008 and now have a fleet of 6 aircraft servicing 6 ports ('Eua, Tongatapu, Ha'apai, Vava'u, Niuatoputapu and Niuafo'ou).

We have a range of aircraft from a fully restored Vintage DC3 to a classic era 50 seat Convair 580 as well as more modern aircraft.  You will find an overview of the aircraft and where they fly on our aircraft page and we also have some photographs of the DC3 Restoration Project

Chathams Pacific have an experienced & comprehensive engineering unit based in Tongatapu and also rotate the Convair 580 and Metroliner to our New Zealand base for scheduled heavy maintenance.  

Chathams Pacific uses a simplified reservations procedure and fare structure.

We employ a committed team of professionals dedicated to ensuring customers receive quality service.  Our team includes internationally trained and experienced staff as well as professional people with local industry experience.


Kingdom Airpass help you see more of Tonga.  Hibicus are in abundance
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Hideaway Resort Lookout, 'Eua, Kingdom Of Tonga
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Chathams Pacific Queen Air
Viewing the Kingdom of Tonga from the air is truly a WOW! experience.

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most exciting discovery of a soft coral reef off Haapai by Darren Rice of Liquid Image Productions & Happy Haapai Divers, Kingdom Of Tonga

Is this the final resting spot of the Port au Prince? Darren Rice & friends of Matafonua Lodge & Dive Centre have discovered a new wreck in Ha'apai. 

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