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Chathams Pacific, Tonga'a Domestic Airline offering flights to untouched worlds



Area: 60 islands | Population: 16,000

  • The waters of Vava’u are truly magnificent - you can see the bottom at 40 metres
  • Vava'u is home to one of the worlds finest natural harbours: Port of Refuge Harbour
  • Exceptional sailing - numerous anchorages, great social scene
  • In season one of only two or three places in the world where you can swim with whales
  • Vibrant cafe and nightlife in Neiafu township
  • The Kingdoms favourite tourism destination!


Flight time:

55mins from Tongatapu
30 mins from Ha’apai

Frequency: Daily or twice daily from Tongatapu

Airport: 10km north of the capital Neiafu

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Vava'u Photos

Swim With Whale Video




Diving & Snorkelling

Vava'u is famous for its water sports
Beautiful, clear waters, numerous dive spots such as the Japanese gardens and marine life to marvel at.  If you dive or think you would love to learn then Vava'u is magic.

Swim with Whales

Swim with whales in Vava'u - Photo courtesy of
Few thrills in a lifetime can rival swimming with whales. With only three destinations in the world where it is even possible to do so, the gentleness and majesty of the Humpback whale is awe inspiring and life changing.

Game Fishing

Game and Sport Fishing is world class | Photo courtesy of Hukula Lodge
Game fishing, sports fishing, beautiful sports lodges, fantastic conversations, friendships and memories. From billfish to marlin to spear fish Tonga offers the adventure fishermen an abundance of thrills.

Sensational Sailing

Vavau, Tonga yachting - bareboat or skippered options
Bareboat or skippered? Experienced or learning to sail? Warm clear waters, numerous anchorages, great socialising, deserted beaches, exquisite corals and wildlife. You will never want to leave Vavau's waterways - one of the world’s best marine playgrounds.

Explore on Foot

Climb Mt Talau, explore 'Ene’io Botanic Gardens, see how vanilla, taro and kava are cultivated, trek across cliff tops or down to uninhabited beach fronts, make new friends locally and experience life at a slower pace. Whether you have days or only hours, the islands of Vava’u are rewarding to those on foot.

Tours & Adventures

Join Kart Safaris for truly amazing cross country adventures in Vava'u
Paddle your way through estuaries where locals are re-establishing coral gardens, discover the thrill of going on and off road with a Kart Safari, learn to sail or how fish are caught, tagged and returned to the ocean. If you are into the great outdoors and love the land and water then many invigorating adventures await you in Vava’u.



Kingdom Airpass help you see more of Tonga.  Hibicus are in abundance
With every island group offering unique experiences Chathams Pacific's Kingdom Passes will help you see more of Tonga for less.


Swim with whales in the Vava'u and Ha'apai Tonga. Image by Darren Rice

Life changing. Tonga is only one of three places in the world where you can swim with whales.  Watch the video and see why you must experience Tonga.


Vanilla that is grown in Vavau and then marketed to the world from New Zealand, a true partnership between the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand!


'Ene'io Botanic Gardens, Vava'u

Vava'u is home to 'Ene'io Botanic Gardens with a beach front cafe, garden tours, demonstrations and much, much more.  Highly recommended!

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