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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

Tonga By Air & By Design

Scenic Flights Designed Just For You

With over a 170 islands, Tonga from the air is simply a "must do" 

We create personalised scenic flights and charters to match your interests - and your time frames.  And depending on the size of your party and your heart's desires we match the aircraft to suit.  

To book please telephone our Tongatapu office on +64 676 28 852 or email us

Here are some of the more popular scenic flight options:

Tongatapu By Air

This is a substantial tour taking 45-60 minutes and previewing much of Tongatapu's majestic scenery.  It is a gorgeous way to get your bearings on the nations largest island group.

  • Tropical plantations of coconuts, cassava and taro 
  • Southern coast line - Mapu'a 'a Vaca blowholes, coral reefs, rugged cliff lines
  • Hufangalupe - Natural Limestone Archway and Cliff
  • Royal estates and parks
  • Mormon Temple and environs
  • Old Tonga and the lagoon entrance where Captain Cook first arrived
  • Ancient Capital of Mu’a
  • Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon (stone henge of the Pacific)
  • Off shore islands to the north
  • Nuku'alofa, Vuna Road and estuaries

Shorter flights are also available.

Tongatapu & 'Eua

This tour generally takes 30-45 minutes and previews the best of 'Eua with a loop around the South-Eastern coastal area of Tongatapu.  You may already be aware that 'Eua is 30 million years older than the rest of Tonga and is not geographically connected to it at all.  Here is some of this flights highlights:


  • Tropical plantations and village communities
  • Tongatapu South-eastern coastline
  • Mapu'a 'a Vaca Blowholes & the southern coast line
  • Hufangalupe - Natural Limestone Archway and Cliff
  • Magical Anahulu Cave
  • Hina Cave At 'Oholei Beach


  • Villages and farmlands
  • 'Eua National Park
  • Limestone cliffs and forest areas
  • The largely undiscovered dive spots (eg. where the cathedral is)
  • Pristine, deserted beaches
  • Rugged coastlines and land areas

Vavau By Air

There is a reason why Vava'u is considered the jewel in the crown of Tonga.  It has many islands, reefs and islets that would take many days to explore by boat and land.  Start your exploration by air and take in one of the worlds most visually delightful regions.

DC3 Vintage Aircraft 

Do you long for the experience of flying in a rare and beautifully restored 1940's DC3 ?  This aircraft suits parties of up to 24 people


Kingdom Airpass help you see more of Tonga.  Hibicus are in abundance
With every island group offering unique experiences Chathams Pacific's Kingdom Passes will help you see more of Tonga for less.


Happy pigs forraging in 'Eua, Kingdom Of Tonga
Gotta go !  Only 8 minutes by air from Tongatapu to an untouched and unique world. Eco-tourism leaders


most exciting discovery of a soft coral reef off Haapai by Darren Rice of Liquid Image Productions & Happy Haapai Divers, Kingdom Of Tonga
Great new dive spot with gorgeous soft coral reef discovered by Darren Rice Discover Ha'apai and the soft coral collection


most exciting discovery of a soft coral reef off Haapai by Darren Rice of Liquid Image Productions & Happy Haapai Divers, Kingdom Of Tonga

Is this the final resting spot of the Port au Prince? Darren Rice & friends of Matafonua Lodge & Dive Centre have discovered a new wreck in Ha'apai. 

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