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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

Chathams Pacific Airfares & Schedule

Standard Airfares

  • These are our standard airfares found online.  The currency is Tongan pa'anga and prices include all taxes
  • If you are travelling with 7 or more adults (together) then group travel is for you or possibly our charter services
  • If you are travelling to more than one destination consider Chathams Pacific Kingdom Air Passes
  • We also offer the most fabulous Scenic Flights
  • Please read our terms and conditions of carriage for the fine print and additional information
  • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a useful resource
  • Children are aged 24months and under 12 years of age. 
  • Infants travel free provided they are placed on an adult's lap ie. do not occupy a seat
  • There are NO flights on Sundays in accordance with Tongan regulations

Destination Quck Code Web Fares
Web Fares
Timetable Guide
'Eua - Tongatapu EUA - TBU from $70 from $46 Twice Daily
Ha'apai - Tongatapu HPA - TBU from $153 from $101 Daily
Ha'apai - Vavau HPA - VAV from $143 from $95 3 or 4 flights weekly
Niuafo'ou - Tongatapu NFO - TBU via VAV from $543 from $405 Fortnightly
Niuafo'ou - Vava'u NFO - VAV from $298 from $224 Fortnightly
Niuatoputapu - Tongatapu NTT - TBU via VAV from $500 from $380 Weekly
Niuatoputapu - Vava'u NTT - VAV from $255 from $191 Weekly
Tongatapu - 'Eua TBU - EUA from $70 from $46 Twice Daily
Tongatapu - Ha'apai TBU - HPA from $153 from $101 Daily
Tongtapu - Niuafo'ou TBU - NFO via VAV from $543 from $405 Fortnightly
Tongtapu - Niuatoputapu TBU - NTT via VAV from $500 from $380 Weekly
Tongatapu - Vava'u TBU - VAV from $231 from $152 Twice Daily
Vava'u - Ha'apai VAV - HPA from $143 from $95 3 or 4 flights weekly
Vava'u - Niuafo'ou VAV - NFO from $298 from $224 Fortnightly
Vava'u - Niuatoputapu VAV - NTT from $255 from $191 Weekly
Vava'u - Tongatapu VAV - TBU from $231 from $152 Twice Daily

*prices include all taxes


Kingdom Airpass help you see more of Tonga.  Hibicus are in abundance
With every island group offering unique experiences Chathams Pacific's Kingdom Passes will help you see more of Tonga for less.


Hideaway Resort Lookout, 'Eua, Kingdom Of Tonga
Brilliant day trip!  Return airfares and tour. On Sale Now - Read More


Vanilla that is grown in Vavau and then marketed to the world from New Zealand, a true partnership between the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand!


'Ene'io Botanic Gardens, Vava'u

Vava'u is home to 'Ene'io Botanic Gardens with a beach front cafe, garden tours, demonstrations and much, much more.  Highly recommended!

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