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Chathams Pacific Convair 580 50 Seat Aircraft

The Passionate Airline

Written on the 27th of January 2011 by John King

New Zealand Aviation and John King have published a brilliant article regarding the history of aviation in The Kingdom Of Tonga as well as Chathams Pacific in their Dec / Jan magazine.

Part two of this substantial piece of work is due out any day now in good bookstores across NZ and Australia.  Alternatively you can order a copy of both magazines from the Aviation News website  for a token price.

John has published some beautiful photographs as well as completed a substantial piece of historical journalism.

Highly recommended reading for those that love Tonga and aviation history.  John also features the various aircraft in use including the DC-3 which is a major tourism attraction. John King took this image of Chathams DC-3 Tangaloa over the skies of Vava'u


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Chathams Pacific Queen Air
Viewing the Kingdom of Tonga from the air is truly a WOW! experience.

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