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Ecotourism Leader

'Eua lead Tonga in their sustainability programs and offer small, personal tourism experiences.  The locals will share their stories and their history.  Discover villages with people whose heritage was from other parts of Tonga and learn to make Tapa cloth or Kava.  Great conversations, great photography and great memories

Whale Watch

'Eua have two licensed whale watch operators including the Kingdoms only Tongan fisherman guide
'Eua is the only place you can go whale watching in a local fisherman's own craft.  Fully licensed this is an experience to knock your socks off.  Also whale watching from the shore is a real thrill.


'Eua has many beautiful and rare birds
Whether you are hiking through the National Park, beachside or even standing atop the limestone cliffs you will find an abundance of bird life. Look out for Grey & Brown Noddies, White Terns and White-tailed Tropic birds over the sea and forest. You may also hear the Koki parrot or spot the Pacific Pigeons, Crimson-crowned Fruit-doves, Polynesian Trillers, Wattled Honeyeaters, Polynesian Starlings and the White-collared Kingfisher

4 Wheel Exploration

Explore pristine forests, limestone cliffs and gorgeous villages in 'Eua
For the active participant the local guides will take you walking and 4 wheel driving through native bush, through forests and protected land areas to show you the best of 'Eua.  You will learn about local customs as well as the geology.  Not to be missed.

Treks & Walking

From limestone cliffs, Lokupo Forest, the coastal walks through plantations its all magic.  The Fangatave Caves and beach track is for the more adventurous with spectacular sea caves with fluted columns, stalactites & stalagmites.

Exceptional Diving

Considered one of the worlds best spots for experienced divers, 'Eua offers cathedrals with light pouring in through the roof line, drop offs, numerous caves and glorious reefs.  In fact 'Eua is largely undiscovered as a dive spot so is unspoilt and fantastic fun.

Monday, Nov 8th is a public holiday and our offices will be closed.  Flights will still operate.


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Chathams Pacific Queen Air
Viewing the Kingdom of Tonga from the air is truly a WOW ! experience.

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