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silver wings

Silver Wings

Special travel discounts exclusively for Grey Power members

Grey Power is an organisation renowned for its fierce advancement, support and protection of the welfare and well-being of New Zealand's 50 pluses. So Chatham Pacific salutes Grey Power's efforts with Silver Wings, a special offering for travel mid-week. 

Whilst all of Chathams Pacific great low fares and Special Offers are available to Grey Power members, Silver Wings gives Grey Power members the peace of mind of knowing that the most they will pay for travel on Chathams Pacific on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is Chathams Pacific published EasyGo K fare.   

The Silver Wings programme eliminates booking fees on all Silver Wings travel as well. All this represents a great savings for Grey Power members nationwide.

Chathams Pacific is delighted to offer a very special deal to a deserving group that contributes so much to the New Zealand community.

How Do I Book?

Silver Wings fares can be purchased direct from Chathams Pacific Customer Call Centre on +676 28 000 or any travel agent.  A valid Grey Power membership is needed to be eligible for this travel programme and Grey Power membership must be presented at check-in.  Silver Wings cannot be combined with any other promotion and blockout during Public Holidays apply.  Look for details in your Grey Power newsletter and discount book.

Holiday blockout dates for the end-of-year holidays will include 16 December 2005 through to 08 January 2006 inclusive.