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corporate information

corporate information

All About Chatham Pacific Airways Operations

Our Vision

Chathams Pacific, The Friendly Islands Airline has a proud parent heritage embracing an entrepreneurial spirit along with a pioneering attitude.

We understand the importance of providing reliable, professional and safe airways and, with our team of highly experienced people, we take this attitude to the skies.

Mission Statement

At Chathams Pacific, the Friendly Islands Airline, our mission is to operate a safe and efficient air service that will encourage growth in air travel within Tonga and benefit the community by providing a stable service for the private, business and tourist travellers within the Kingdom.

Passionate about aviation

Chathams Pacific is a small airline with a very clear focus. We're about making travel easy, enjoyable and providing an experience that people will want to repeat.

Chathams Pacific is a subsidiary of Air Chathams Ltd which operates within New Zealand to and from the Chathams Islands. This operation has a 25 year heritage with staff and management who are deservedly proud of the difference that Air Chatham’s services have been able to make to the residents and businesses of the Chathams Islands.

Chathams Pacific is managed and run by people with extensive knowledge of air travel and proven success in running airline businesses. Chathams Pacific has been set up with a long-term view of providing scheduled, charter and freight services within the Kingdom of Tongan.

Our Operation

Flights to Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u use either a 50 seat Convair, an 18 Seat Mertoliner or an 8 seat Chieftain aircraft. Flights to Eue and the Niua's use either an 8 seat Chieftain or the 8 seat Islander aircraft.

Chathams Pacific uses a simplified reservations procedure and fare structure. It employs a committed team of professionals dedicated to ensuring customers receive quality service.

Air Charter

The company is highly experienced in the provision of air charter services and continues to offer charters tailored to the specific needs of business and groups. As well as offering privacy, reliability, guaranteed promptness and speed, the chartering services also offer convenience and value for money. Your enquiry is welcome.