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online booking guide

Online Booking Guide

Online Booking Is Easy

Booking travel online with Chatham Pacific is easy. Please follow our step by step guide and if you have any further questions then please call us on +676 28 000 or +676 23 162.

Step 1 : Find A Flight

To find a flight, then you will need to use the Flight Search tool (which is on the left hand side of most pages on the Chatham Pacific website). Simply choose the route that you wish to travel, the dates that you wish to travel on and the numbers of passengers in your party. When you click on the 'Go' button, the system will search through all of the available flights and will display your options and best available fares. If the day that you are searching on does not have any suitable options then you may enter new dates on the flight search tool and click on Go again or alternatively you can click on the little + and - icons to go forward (or back) a day.

You may book flights up to 1 hour before they are scheduled to depart; if you wish to catch a flight at the last minute you will need to be at the airport check-in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you wish to book more than seven passengers on a flight, then you are invited to contact our group booking centre on +676 28 000.

Step 2 : Selected Flight(s)

After you have selected flights using the Flight Search tool - your selections will displayed on the 'Selected Flights' page. From here you may continue the booking process or alternatively add more flights to your selection by using the Flight Search tool again. You may add as many flights to your selection as you want, thus allowing you to book all of your travel in one go. However please note that you will need to complete the reservation within 15 minutes otherwise your selected seats will be automatically released for other customers to book. You may remove flights from your selections by clicking on the red cross next to the flight; if you wish to remove all selections and start again then simply click on 'Clear all selections and start over'.

Step 4 : Important Information

Next, the key information relevant to your booking will be displayed. You will need to read through the terms and conditions before you can proceed to confirm your reservation.

Step 5 : Your Details

You will then be promted to enter your details (ie the details of the person who is making the booking). If you have previously booked with Chatham Pacific and have saved your deatils you may logon using the username and password that you originally selected. In addition you will also need to enter the details of each passenger. If you wish to inform Chatham Pacific of anything relevant to your booking (for instance that you require a wheelchair or special assistance) then please enter the request in the 'Additional Requirements' section. Chatham Pacific will contact your request cannot be met.

Step 6 : Payment

You will be required to enter your credit card details in order to complete the reservation (except if you have already logged on as an account holder or FlexiFlyer member). Payment will be charged to your credit/debit card at the time of booking. Chatham Pacific uses a 128bit SSL certifcate to ensure that your credit card details are kept secure and private.

Step 7 : Confirmation

Your Travel Itinerary is then displayed. You can print this out simply by clicking on the Print icon; in addition the itinerary will also be automatically emailed to the email address you supplied earlier.

Need more help?

If you need any further assistance then please contact us on +676 28 000 or +676 23 162.