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Ideal for business, family, associations, sports and community groups

What Is ChatsFlexyFlyer?

ChatsFlexyFlyer is Chatham Pacific unique pre-payment account that offers you flexibility, great savings, and amazing benefits. It ensures you can access the best available fare but you also have the security of a capped fare level.

The ChatsFlexyFlyer benefits in detail

  • Buy any FareGo fare and for every ten flights actually flown by passengers within a 12 month or lesser period ChatsFlexyFlyer account holders will be credited with the value of one flight, direct to their account (calculated on the average cost of the 10 flights).
  • Take advantage of our FareMax program - Here's how it works: When any EasyGo fare is booked, ChatsFlexyFlyer account holders pay no more than the standard EasyGo "K" fare.
  • No change fees! Not even on our least expensive fares! The standard $50 change fee and the $10 GoSure change are waived for ChatsFlexyFlyer members only. You can make changes right up to 30 minutes prior to your flight's departure, with no fees.
  • Ease of Use: You can authorise staff, colleagues - even family members to use your ChatsFlexyFlyer account.

How does it work?

Becoming an Chatham Pacific ChatsFlexyFlyer is simple. You open a ChatsFlexyFlyer account under your name or company name with an initial $1,000 deposit. Thereafter youonly need to maintain a minimum credit balance of $500. Chatham Pacific then provides you with your own unique account number. Simply quote this number and your personal password when making a booking and your ChatsFlexyFlyer account will be debited. We'll send you a monthly summary detailing your ChatsFlexyFlyer account activity plus a newsletter filled with useful information and any special promotions.

It's easy to join

Simply call the Chatham Pacific Contact Centre on +676 28 000, e-mail [email protected]
with your details or click here for a ChatsFlexyFlyer Account application form.
Once completed please either
fax to +676 23 447 or,
post to Chatham Pacific, or
email to [email protected].
You will then be ready to join the many travellers who enjoy the amazing benefits of being a ChatsFlexyFlyer with Chatham Pacific.
All other fare conditions and levels applicable to Fare Go fares apply and carriage is subject to Chatham Pacific standard Terms and Conditions.

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